Ahundred Features

Here's all the goodness we have to offer
OKRs tracking
Give your team a pro goal-achievement helper. Keep all your goals structured in one system.
Move towards the result together!
Weekly Focus
Choose the main goal to focus on. The system will help you not to lose it in routine.
Update Progres
Each goal's progress can be edited easily. You can review current results, ask questions and add any information anytime.

Review Goals
View your team's progress in a special tab. Approve or discuss any of your employee's results.
Real Time Board
Keep an eye on the progress of the entire company, certain department or a separate employee. View your OKRs in each zone: risky, progressing or completed.
High & Low Performers
Quickly explore who has the minimal and maximum progress in your team.
Email Notification
Don't miss any nessesarities! The system let you know about any changes and remind everyone about updates, reviews and all actions needed to be done.
Give feedback or request feedback.
Make it public or hidden, personal or anonymous.
Private Notes
Notify employees if they missed or succeed. You can make private notes about your employee work.
Employee Success Story
All information about progress, all feedback and private notes are kept on the employee's profile. Everything to be sure about workers' career decisions is right at your fingertips.
1:1 Meetings
Set or approve meetings with your colleagues. Keep the history of your meetings' results and highlights.
Calendar Integration
Slack Integration
CSV Import
Import your data in Ahundred from CSV files.
HRIS Integration