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Automatization rocks, doesn't it?

Set your OKRs

OKR-creating process in three simple steps:

  1. Formulating an Objective - the big ambitious goal
  2. Adding 3-5 Key Results - the measurable goals towards the O
  3. Checking everything is correct
Highlight your weekly focus

Set your weekly priorities so the system won't let you forget the target.

All the company's goals before your eyes

See the progress of your whole company, certain department, tam or a single employee.

A simple progress board helps to review your statistics at a glance. See which of your OKRs are almost ready and which needs more attention.

We know that classic OKRs should be viewable for everyone. But we don't limit you. Edit your privacy settings to make goals private or partly-private.

Why Clients Love Us
Increase employee performance

Responsible for managing a goals achievement process and for following the performance process

Joint objectives bring results

Joint objectives in Ahundred enable teams to work together and align to move organizational initiatives forward. When employees are aware of their teammates' progress, they are able to help others and work together for the sake of achieving department and company-wide objectives.

Be clear about priorities

By supporting someone you speed up the achievement of your company goals. You just need to browse their current goal and begin helping. Convenient filtering system is able to filter Objectives from individual to top-level ones

Newsfeed updates

All objective updates are within one screen. Both teammates and managers can see progress on KRs from the regular reports

Everything at hand

Ahundred easily integrates with Slack or other apps you usually use in your work owing to the open SaaS so you can stay tuned with updates and comments on all of your OKRs

Alignment and Analysis

Make for smooth analysis and reporting by configuring your Objective cycle respectively.

Features Roadmap

Moreover, our online help, performance management best practices and other tutorials are open to all customers.

As for Premium Support accounts are awarded with email & phone support, consultations on implementation, training sessions and account management support

  • OKRs and goal managementDone
  • My Weekly FocusDone
  • Update Goals Progress + Add CommentsDone
  • Review Goals ProgressDone
  • Real Time Progress BoardDone
  • Auto-notificationDone
  • High & Low Performers BoardDone
  • Email Reports (Goals Progress)Done
  • 360 Degree FeedbackDone
  • Request 1:1/ Add items to your 1:1 agendaDone
  • HR Role in SystemDone
  • Weekly Reports (Emails)Done
  • OKRs ChartDone
  • Self Onboarding for UsersDone
  • Daily FocusDone
  • Cycles SettingsDone
  • Daily Reports for ManagersDone
  • Clock-In & Clock-OutDone
  • Self AssessmentJuly 2020
  • Chrome ExtentionJuly 2020
  • Employees Engagement (thanks, coins, badges)July 2020
  • Custom QuestionsJuly 2020
  • HR Analytics PROJuly 2020
  • 9 Box Performance & Potential Matrix Risk BoardJuly 2020
  • Custom implementation plansJuly 2020
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