Frequently Asked Questions
Is switching the other Performance Management system difficult?
Don't cry out before you are hurt, it is as easy as it seems. We have done more than 1,000 successful implementations on record. Usually it takes from 8 to 12 weeks to switch from one system to another. Our specialists are here for you to guide each step. Don't wait until your company grows in size, switch now and make it simple.
How many users is your platform able to handle for 50 employees? 100? 1000?
Ahundred is the ideal Performance Management Software for mid-sized companies (from 50-1000 employees). It can be utilized in every country and in every industry. We do love and care about the companies we work with, as we consider you to be client-oriented and idea-driven. Besides, you take care of your employees, just as we do. That's why our software is made for you. No matter you are a self-employed HR seeking a helping hand in the sea of routine or a team of enthusiasts looking for perfect platform which is tailored up to your needs, make sure you'll absolutely love it.
What about customer support?
All Ahundred plans presuppose in-app chat support. Moreover, our online help, performance management best practices and other tutorials are open to all customers.

As for Premium Support accounts, all are equipped with email and phone support, consultations on implementation, training sessions and account management support. (All accounts above $5,000 are provided with Premium Support)
How will we be billed when adding new users to the team?
We make a one-off charge on your credit card covering all new users for the rest of the current billing period.
Accepted forms of payment
All major credit cards
Duration of the contracts?
* Month
* Quarter

Any time:
* Making changes
* Start
* Stop

P.S. Refund cannot be issued for downgrades or cancellation. Check our Terms and Conditions for greater details.
What is Ahundred attitude to data privacy and security?
We care about security and data privacy of our clients, so you can be confident that everything will be secured.
Free trial. Nothing is excluded.
A free trial of Ahundred means you haveaccess to all features of the Advanced Plan (except for multi-factor authentication). With the expiration of the free trial period, account owners will have to select their subscription plan and payment terms.
Can I export my data?
Certainly. We hope you do it not when you are leaving us but in order to have all the information at hand. In case you want to switch to another platform, you have the option to delete your account and export all your data to XML or PDF files. But we'll still be looking forward to you coming back to our system.
Is it time-saving for me?
It usually takes about 11 hours a week. Allowing employees to answer their custom-made HR questions, you give the managing team access to the data required, giving yourself time to focus on culture, strategy and other every day tasks you need to handle.
Will my account be blocked if I have an issue?
DonIt's not the service we provide. We consider our product as your true HR partner combining real people vs great technologies that care about your success. By using Ahundred, you'll have a team of specialists to answer your questions and offer helpful tips.
Will I be ever forced to upgrade?
Will I be ever forced to upgrade?
Absolutely not! With Ahundred, you don't need to worry about upgrades. Our solution is built on a brand new technology stack and is cloud-based. In the end, you get only one version of Ahundred and we constantly work on releasing enhancements and advanced features to improve it. You don't need to do anything else to have the latest version available to you.
Read the way we help our clients grow
Total focus as easier as
it may seem
«Before using Ahundred we really had some problems with saving focus during some operational routine. Currently I can see the progress. All our processes are built around our company goals. And it works good for us!»
Roman Katerinchik
Engagement is an essential
key to success
«Ahundred helps our company to keep engaged. During 1:1 I noticed the tendency that some of our employees didn't feel themselves as an organic whole with the company. Owing to this software they all now work at the same direction.»
Natalia Osokina
Keep aligned
целям настойчиво
«Alignment was a kind of Achilles hill for our company. Now all is changed because of Ahundred. All our company, department, team and individual goals relate to each other which helps to achieve total efficiency in the goal achievement.»
Tatiana Besedovskaya
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