by Kate Devyatkina, CEO of Ahundred
on January 3, 2020

As an author of this article and, thus, playing a big part in Change Management, I was wondering what the process of goal setting looks like when we talk about successful companies.

Every year your company grows, develops, sets new goals and achieves them.

The tendency is that more and more companies are using goal setting system instead of an out-of-date 5-year strategic planning. Goals setting is considered more efficient for the company development as it gives you an opportunity to think ambitiously, focus on essential things and pass routine tasks into background.

If you want to take your brand to a new level - goals to work with are here for you.
There are various goal setting frameworks and methodologies: OKRs, KPIs, SMART goal setting, and so on and so force. Actually, we prefer the first one - OKRs, and have successfully implemented it in our work.

We've talked with more than 50 interviewers so that to find out the way they work with their business goals.

And here you have Top 5 conclusions made on the basis of the goal setting process in their companies:

"It's better to let people participate in goal creation to ensure buy-in (people will naturally assign stretched goals for themselves). Remember that goals are to be meaningful and bring the personal sense of contribution and as the result - satisfaction. Participation equals involvement, so improve your overall performance by allowing people to be a part of your goal setting strategy"
Svetlana Bogdanova
Head of HR, Adarma Security
"Inclusiveness of all personnel is key. Everyone wants to feel themselves contributing efforts to the overall company's success. So, if your employees will be aware of what your company is actually working on and what goals are set, they'll have much motivation to complete their part of the work. Besides, there comes satisfaction from their actual activity. All these factors play a big part in the development of your company".
Paul Aygur
Head of HR
"Stay focused. Do not dissipate your energy on all at once. Try to focus your time and efforts on tasks that will, finally, bring your company to a prosperity. Distribute your time wisely, paying attention on what is really important, but leave some space for some routine work that is a kind of a part of your working process".
Carol Grannis
Chief Self Esteem Officer for Self Esteem Brands
"Focus on the critical few, highest priorities. Be inclusive in determining and then sharing what and why. Let leaders and teams define how and to regularly share in team means, via electronic distribution, etc. Remain focused on what you set as priorities for the quarter. Distractions will emerge and derail w/out application of sufficient focus and discipline. And, use a tool. It can be Google Sheets, Excel or a more robust option like LiquidPlanner. Documentation makes it real and clarifies results expected, supports setting priorities and making trade offs, enables sharing and communication. Having a tool, especially something cloud based and dynamic, that all relevant team members have access to also facilitates collaboration and accountability".
Ted Hawksford
CEO, LiquidPlanner

To sum up, the success of your company directly depends on the efforts you, your team and department make. Moreover, every achieved goal makes you on pace to the powerful organization uniting experienced and efficient employees. So, motivate your staff, make them feel like an essential part of your company, set ambitious goals and achieve them.