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It is a real challenge to choose the right software for Performance Management and it's really difficult to switch to another one. Below, we have listed and answered all frequently asked questions from our potential customers.

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Automatization rocks, doesn't it?

Why Ahundred better than others?
What are its advantages?
  • Weekly focus. Prioritize your top-importance OKRs.
  • Progress dashboard. Keep an eye on your whole company's dynamics
  • Minimum human factor. "Forgot" and "didn't remind" are not excuses anymore.

Our features cover all the zones where automatizing work is the best way.Auto-pushes, statistics, data visualizing and quick access to any information you need.

What helps us stand out:
  • Employee leaderboard. Track your colleagues' success rating.
  • Notifications of goals and crucial iterations
  • History archive for performance per employee on one screen
  • Goal achieving progress keeper. In-built, simple, functional.
Will my employees use Ahundred
on a regular basis?

Implementing new tools into the process usually causes resistance. An easy way to get your team engaged is to find a product which is really useful.

Reason 1
Ability to focus on what matters the most.
Reason 2
Couple of clicks progress check.
Reason 3
Structured goal-setting process makes it simple and clear.
Reason 4
Push notifications about the edits, updates and required actions.
Reason 5
Ability to leave and request your teammate's or manager's feedback.
How can I persuade my management board? There are several options to try.

There will be enough time to drive the company strategic initiatives your management board really cares about. Or using numbers:

Seeing the ROI will be your ace in the hole when being convinced to use the Ahundred software.

When is the best time to switch?

Actually, there is no precise time to switch. However, it will be better to choose the first day of a new quarter for the switch. In such a way, you'll have an opportunity to minimize the necessity of historical payroll data and significantly speed up the process of implementation. Don't wait any longer, request the free demo right now.

Do you have an integration
with my favorite apps? Yes!
You can stay tuned with updates and comments on all of your OKRs.
Read the way we help our clients grow
Total focus as easier as
it may seem
«Before using Ahundred we really had some problems with saving focus during some operational routine. Currently I can see the progress. All our processes are built around our company goals. And it works good for us!»
Roman Katerinchik
Engagement is an essential
key to success
«Ahundred helps our company to keep engaged. During 1:1 I noticed the tendency that some of our employees didn't feel themselves as an organic whole with the company. Owing to this software they all now work at the same direction.»
Natalia Osokina
Keep aligned
and move on
«Alignment was a kind of Achilles hill for our company. Now all is changed because of Ahundred. All our company, department, team and individual goals relate to each other which helps to achieve total efficiency in the goal achievement.»
Tatiana Besedovskaya
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