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September 12, 2019How to

Good Manager? How to Become a Perfect One!

People management is about building strong relationships with your direct reports. This fosters the motivation and support your direct reports need to grow, develop and work hard in their roles as well as to tackle new challenges in their domain. All these skills are mastered and developed through experience and practice. 

What makes a good manager? Technical skills, experience and finally, people management skills. The people management skills outlined below will help any manager better serve his/her employees and grow relationships between them.

  • Good communication skills

    One of the most crucial people management skills is the ability to communicate clearly, especially in the age of digital development as all employees are connected to work using mobile devices. A manager’s communication skills greatly influence their ability to forge working relationships, persuade others, advocate for their department, and deliver clear instructions or feedback.

    Manager communication skills are needed in each part of the working routine: from face-to-face meetings, to sending an urgent text, to composing an email. Make sure you’re saying precisely what needs to be said.

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    Be a leader, show your example
    Being an example to the team is one of the most crucial people management skills to improve upon. Behave yourself and work the way you want your team to work and act. Team members are likely to emulate the behavior of a hard-working and honest manager with a healthy balance.

    Trust is the base
    When you delegate any task, you need to trust the employee to handle it. Employees really appreciate being trusted with responsibility. And make sure your trust will be mirrored.

    Additionally, showing trust is a management skill and an excellent way to empower your employees and provide them with a sense of ownership. In fact, it's one of the ways that will help them grow and become confident taking on challenges. Building trustworthy relationships is a long-term strategy that necessitates continued work. 
    This involves:
    - Keeping your promises to employees.
    - Giving your team members time and space to complete their tasks.
    - Supporting reasonable risks
    - Explaining the data and reasoning behind evaluations and decisions

    Trust is a good management skills that doesn’t appear from nowhere. It means you should continually show your respect to employees and believe in their ability to perform.

  • Be honest, but not rude

    The ability to give welcome and useful feedback is another practical people management skill. You have to be straight with your employees and to give them feedback, but don't be rude.

    A really honest manager tells everything as it is to team members, no matter if it is good or a bad news. Honesty brings transparency to the workplace and builds overall respect.

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    Motivation means a lot

    People management is about encouraging employees to improve their behavior. This requires some knowledge of how to motivate people. Motivating management skills in management mean a lot, as this is what drives your company to success.

    We are not robots, so even the most loyal employees won’t blindly do whatever the leader tells them to do. On the contrary, you want them to grow and develop as employees and personally. Your task is to know how to craft and present an argument for any decision you make so as to motivate your team to move forward and work together.

    Listening is not a part of your school test

    It is something you have to do when dealing with a group of people, especially when you are a manager. It seems like a minor skill, but it is not that simple.

    A good manager listens more than he talks, and actually listens to what is said. Listening helps resolve conflicts and avoid misunderstandings. Also, the ability to listen is one of the people development skills for managers that helps them understand the other person’s point of view and make better decisions.

    Empathy doesn’t mean weakness

    Empathy is the ability to share and understand people’s emotions. Empathy allows managers to understand what team members are feeling during personal crisis or high stress deadlines. During hard times, it’s you as a manager who should help your team members navigate and work despite these issues. Developing people management skills allows you to become a better professional.

    Praise as a part of motivation

    Recognizing achievements is one of the skills needed to be a good manager. It is a simple but quite efficient way to motivate teams. Make time to celebrate an individuals performance in department newsletters, team meetings, etc. For many people, such recognition can be more valuable and effective than financial rewards.

    How do you have good management skills? By constantly developing them!

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