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Employee Engagement Survey Questions: What Do You Need to Ask?

A successful engagement survey fully depends on the way you ask something and what you ask. Its purpose is to help you resolve some critical problems in your organization, make your workplace better, and define your strengths. You’ll need to conduct a survey that will ask the right questions to provide you with insights to your problem.

Creating an employee survey is not something you can get done in 30 minutes. There are a lot of things that influence the results:
- what you ask
- way of designing your questions
- manner of phrasing questions
- what response options you offer

Here, you have a guide that will help you ask the right questions in your employee engagement survey.

Criteria of a really good question

No matter what you are asking, the fundamentals of good survey questions remain the same. So, the questions should be:
- neutral
- unambiguous and pointed
- clear and not confusing
- ask about something you can change
- leave space to for comments

Following these points for creating engagement question, you’ll get into the depth of what's actually happening within your organization. Now, let's proceed to look at the questions in action.

  • Growth and Development Options 

    Employees are in need to see a clear path for development that will perform well.
    It is crucial to ask whether employees are satisfied enough with their development options. 

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    Sample survey questions:
    It’s ok for me to ask for help in case I don’t possess enough skills required to achieve my goals (options: strongly disagree, strongly agree, and comment box). The comment box added here allows your employees to elaborate on and explain their discomfort. Maybe their manager is not open-minded? Everything should be reflected in an engagement survey.
    This company inspires the very best in me when it’s about job performance (strongly disagree and strongly agree). Note that employees’ engagement develops when they are pushed to perform well.

  • Personal goals

    No one likes to be an invisible being. We all have some career aspirations that should be encouraged, if, surely, it is within a good company.

    Your company proposal should align with their personal goals, otherwise they can be disengaged or it can lead to them seeking other employment. Employee engagement surveys show the level of their overall satisfaction within the workplace.

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    Sample questions:
    I have adequate support for my skills on the part of the company (strongly disagree and strongly agree options). This question helps understand whether your company supports and encourages obtaining the skills you want to develop but not those offered by a manager.
    I am excited and satisfied with the majority of my projects or customers (always, sometimes, never). Employees will not be fully engaged in their workflow if they are not satisfied with the tasks they are doing. This scale from always to never help detect their level of satisfaction at a workplace, questions for an employee satisfaction survey usually asked to identify people who are about to leave. 

  • Company goals and overall alignment

    You must agree that it is of the utmost importance to understand for what purpose you are doing your work and actually, why are you coming to work everyday. Otherwise, it seems like total nonsense. 

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    Survey questions to ask:
    My team has prioritized and clear goals (strongly agree or strongly disagree). This statement is a good way to get into the depth of each company’s segment. If you find out that a certain team lacks goals or alignment, it can influence that segment's tight connection to your organization.
    I feel that my workplace directly supports this goal (strongly agree and strongly disagree). This follow-up question demonstrates understanding by the employees whether their goals contribute to the company's success.

    Job satisfaction
    Every job can be motivating, but thus unsatisfying. Frequently asking about satisfaction is critical for an employees engagement survey. This is because it is something more than just employees realizing what their goals are.

    Employee satisfaction survey questions:
    I am proud to be a part of my organization (strongly disagree – strongly agree). A broad question like this will help you delineate the way employees are feeling, even if some personal questions about their job satisfaction show inconsistent results.
    I would refer a family member or friend to this organization (yes or no). If an employee would recommend those people to work for the company, it shows their complete satisfaction with their employer.

  • Communication

    Companies can’t exist without good communication. But it's usually quite difficult to identify whether the communicative efforts are working on a personal level, that’s why we create survey questions to figure it out.

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    Sample Questions:
    When I come up to my manager with an issue, I believe that he/she will listen (strongly agree or strongly disagree). If you ask something personal and specific at the same time, you can find out a great deal about the employee. Identifying a degree of trust is a perfect way to discuss communication in a proper way, so it’s a good way to manage conflict.
    I know with whom to share my problems if they arise, in case it is out of my manager's control (strongly agree or strongly disagree). If an employee doesn't know who to share it with, then communication is at a poor level, which is a really big problem that usually goes unsolved and unnoticed.

  • Work environment

    The work environment plays a big part in an employee's engagement along with enjoyment in the job.

    Employment survey questions:
    Our company provides all the tools and materials I need to do my job (always or sometimes or never and space for comments). This is a fundamental question that includes the needs, precisely physical ones, of a working environment. Note that it is crucially important to give your employees everything to perform well, otherwise, they will be disengaged. This is what engagement employee surveys are made for.
    I feel that I belong to this company (strongly agree or strongly disagree). This is an indicator whether something is ok or not, especially in case you analyze the results to identify condition of different groups.

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    ManagementRelationship between a manager and an employee are really important among other working relationship.

    Employee survey questions:
    My manager shows a piece of interest in my well-being (strongly agree or strongly disagree). Answers can vary by manager, but if the majority of employees don't feel that managers care, it shows a kind of a systematic lack of top down support.
    I feel quite comfortable providing my manager with feedback (always or sometimes or never options). If employees can be pretty honest with their managers about the latter's performance, that shows a strong working relationship and healthy connection between them.

    To sum up, if you have no interest in employment engagement, you can’t take informed action towards improving a company culture or people’s experiences at work.

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