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September 3, 2019How to

How to Be a Great Manager

No matter what your position is, a key part of being successful at every job is to know how to deal with other people. But, for all kinds of managers – both newbies and old hands – knowing how to manage people is a lucky ticket either for your career or for your company’s prosperity. 

Fortunately, you can acquire people management skills. In fact, you can start making improvements to these skills starting right now. In this article, you’ll find the best management tips to deal with your employees successfully.

  • All about people management

    It is quite a broad topic that involves what it means to organize, develop and solve problems, and grow the employee side of all businesses. These skills starts from actually being able to detect the true personalities of all team members to create an efficient HR system for a business.

    You have management people because you can't expect employees to manage their own processes, development, and other people's problems all on their own.

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    Running effective one-on-ones and structuring onboarding is what help managers to engage employees and solve problems. Make small changes in your perspective on problems and overall mindset, and you’ll be able to build strong people management skills. The following tips for management will definitely help you to become a more successful and effective manager.

  • 1. Listen and listen again

    Listening skills are really essential when you are managing people. All the stages of listening, from being attentive to taking notes, are something that you should practice.
    Keys to being a good listener include not jumping to conclusions during or before conversations, and keeping an open mind.

    You can’t predict what is on an employee’s mind, or what their problems are. Don’t even try to do this – the only thing you need to do is ask them about all of it. 

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    Management tips: a really great manager will listen and try to understand, even if the reason is considered to be obvious. Prepare for meetings, but don't think you already know everything.

  • 2. Don’t mix personal and organizational problems

    This is an important point among other effective people management tips. As a part of your work, you are to solve employees’ problems. But the reasons for the problems will vary. There are two categories of workplace problems: organizational and personal. Knowing the difference between them will help you solve them in a better way.

    Possible personal problems:
    - problem with the process
    - individual workload
    - unhappiness with an idea to change projects
    - dissatisfaction with performance of colleagues
    Your people management skills will correct these kind of problems and you will need minor reorganization. Organizational problems, however, can’t be solved only by resolving an employee's problem, as these are managers’ problems to find the right approach to solve them.

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    Possible organizational problems:
    - inability to keep up with the demands of workload within the team
    - workflow problems resulting in delays or errors (company- or team-wide)
    - poor performance resulting in hostility within the team
    All these problems may appear as a result of the company’s organization. People managers should use their existing skills to detect the organizational problem over the personal ones.

  • 3. Understand the purpose of each employee

    Purpose is a huge part of what makes people satisfied with their work and what pushes them professionally and drives them to success. Acknowledging why an employee feels connected to his/her role and why they are inspired to contribute to the business can help you to understand how to inspire them to succeed so that they can benefit the whole company. Follow these tips on management and you’ll see how your team can improve.

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    People usually want to work on projects with the assurance that they will be able to perform well and have an opportunity to show themselves in their best light. Try to understand what is important about each employee's role, why they want to be promoted or take on a new position, and you will be able to come up with better solutions to get the employee to do what they need to do. 

  • 4. How to be a better manager? Find balance between praise and criticism

    Employees need both praise and criticism to thrive. If there is only praise, it can limit their growth. On the other hand, criticism alone can lead to the demoralization of your employees.

    All employees’ efforts should be rewarded on a regular base. Private and public praise, monthly awards, etc., are management tools that build morale and trust.

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    Criticism should also be timely. Instead of pointing to errors, give feedback by helping them find solutions to perform through their weaknesses. Management advice: help your employees to set new goals and this will be a sign that you really believe in their ability to improve.

  • 5. Regular check-in prevents serious issues

    Managers can prevent stressful situations by checking in before anything happens. This allows a manager to establish a foundation of trust with employees and to show that they can turn to you when things get worse. Mind this management tip to avoid serious issues.

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    It is ideal to meet once a week, but twice a month can also be beneficial. One-on-ones are a time to get to know your employees better and to check on their progress towards goals. 

  • 6. Nothing should be left to chance

    So, how do you be a good manager? Keep employees motivated and teams running. How do you be a great one? Be proactive and stay attuned to the needs of employees in the workplace. Don’t think that they will solve all their disputes with the wave of a magic wand and find an ideal path to develop and reach their career goals--it is you who should help get them there. 

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    Remember that you as a leader have a responsibility to be extremely proactive about managing the “human” side of business. This is one of the managerial articles you need to read to improve your skills.

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